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ThinQ offers a wide range of business intelligence and data engineering consulting services to help support you throughout your development and deployment process. We have a proven successful track record and are considered to be one of the most experienced teams of Qlik talent in the Benelux area.

What we do

Our specialisation is the analysis, design, modelling, implementation and deployment of solutions to transform your data from any source system, on-site or cloud-based, into meaningful reports granting you insights in your business.

ThinQ Dataflow


Set up communication between your own environment and external sources allowing your data to be integrated into your business applications and reporting.

Extract & Load

Extract, transform and load the data from your different business applications into consolidated data models giving you access to integrated dashboards and management reporting.


Design, implement and deploy these reports so you can gain meaningful, actionable insights from your data.


Our experts have helped many small businesses and mid-sized companies gain meaningful, actionable insights from their data. Based on best practices and your requirements, these experts can help you implement and deploy solutions to improve business performance – and gain a competitive edge.

Crecit Control

Credit control & aging

Dynamically track your customers' credit accounts with your company. Keep track of the aging of your accounts receivable and identify accounts in need of further collection activities.



Drastically reduce vehicle maintenance costs, gain insights into driver behaviour to optimize performance and enhance training. Make more efficient and productive use of all your resources – vehicles, fuel, administrative staff and drivers, ...

Workforce management

Workforce management

Linking relevant external data and looking beyond the typical WFM Key Performance Indicators delivers strategic insights in customer and employee retention, organisational efficiency & long term sustainability.



Keep track of your impact in the global pharmaceutical landscape. Use advanced market analysis to optimize your salesforce and production. Unlock your detailed information allowing you to zoom in to package level and IMS bricks.



Adding Qlik capability to Microsoft Dynamics Navision makes the data you already have more meaningful, by transforming it into rich business information.

Your data

"Your" data

Our consultants have unlocked numerous Business Applications. Find out if we can help you to implement and deploy a solution for your business.



We're constantly looking to expand our team. If you're interested, don't hestitate to contact us by clicking the link below!